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Xfc::Atk::Implementor Class Reference

An AtkImplementor C++ wrapper class. More...

#include <xfc/atk/implementor.hh>

Inheritance diagram for Xfc::Atk::Implementor:

Xfc::G::TypeInterface Xfc::G::TypeInstance Xfc::Trackable Xfc::Gtk::Widget Xfc::Gtk::Calendar Xfc::Gtk::CellView Xfc::Gtk::Container Xfc::Gtk::DrawingArea Xfc::Gtk::Entry Xfc::Gtk::Invisible Xfc::Gtk::Misc Xfc::Gtk::ProgressBar Xfc::Gtk::Range Xfc::Gtk::Ruler Xfc::Gtk::Separator List of all members.

Public Member Functions


Detailed Description

An AtkImplementor C++ wrapper class.

Implementor is an interface providing access to a G::Object's Atk::Object implementation. This interface is implemented by Gtk::Widget (see ref_accessible()).

Member Function Documentation

Pointer<Object> Xfc::Atk::Implementor::ref_accessible (  )  const

Gets a reference to an object's Atk::Object implementation, if the object implements the Implementor interface.

A smart pointer to an object's Atk::Object implementation.
Gtk::Widget implements this interface. Calling Gtk::Widget::get_accessible() is the same calling this method on a widget, except this method returns a smart pointer because it increments the Atk::Object's reference count, get_accessible() does not.

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