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Xfc::G::IdleSignal Class Reference

Idle signal class. More...

#include <xfc/main.hh>

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Idle signal class.

IdleSignal is a convenience class that adds a callback slot to the default main context, to be called whenever there are no higher priority events pending. If your using a different context, for example, inside a thread, you should use an IdleSource instead. If a connected slot returns false it is automatically removed from the list of event sources and will not be called again.

Member Function Documentation

sigc::connection Xfc::G::IdleSignal::connect ( const SlotType slot,
int  priority = PRIORITY_DEFAULT_IDLE 

Connect a slot to be called when the event loop is idle.

slot The slot to call.
priority The priority which should not be above G::PRIORITY_HIGH_IDLE.
A connection object that can be used to break or alter the connection.
You can give a priority different from G::PRIORITY_DEFAULT_IDLE to the idle function. Note that you will interfere with GTK+ if you use a priority above G::PRIORITY_RESIZE. The user function returns false to remove itself or true to have it called again.

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