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Xfc::G::Rand Member List

This is the complete list of members for Xfc::G::Rand, including all inherited members.

g_rand() constXfc::G::Rand
get_bool() constXfc::G::Rand
get_double() constXfc::G::Rand
get_double_range(double begin, double end) constXfc::G::Rand
get_int() constXfc::G::Rand
get_int_range(int begin, int end) constXfc::G::Rand
is_dynamic() constXfc::Trackable
Object()Xfc::Object [protected]
operator delete(void *ptr)Xfc::Trackable [static]
operator GRand *() constXfc::G::Rand
operator new(size_t size)Xfc::Trackable [static]
operator new(size_t size, void *ptr)Xfc::Trackable [static]
operator=(const Rand &src)Xfc::G::Rand
owns_reference() constXfc::Trackable [inline]
Rand(unsigned int seed)Xfc::G::Rand
Rand(const std::vector< unsigned int > &seed)Xfc::G::Rand
Rand(const Rand &src)Xfc::G::Rand
ref()Xfc::Object [virtual]
set_new_handler(std::new_handler handler)Xfc::Trackable [static]
set_owns_reference(bool setting)Xfc::Trackable [inline, protected]
set_seed(unsigned int seed)Xfc::G::Rand
set_seed(const std::vector< unsigned int > &seed)Xfc::G::Rand
Trackable()Xfc::Trackable [protected]
unref()Xfc::Object [virtual]
~Object()=0Xfc::Object [protected, pure virtual]
~Trackable()=0Xfc::Trackable [protected, pure virtual]
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