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Xfc::G::Thread Member List

This is the complete list of members for Xfc::G::Thread, including all inherited members.

create(const ThreadSlot &slot, bool joinable, G::Error *error=0)Xfc::G::Thread [static]
create(const ThreadSlot &slot, unsigned long stack_size, bool joinable, bool bound, G::Error *error=0)Xfc::G::Thread [static]
exit()Xfc::G::Thread [static]
g_thread() constXfc::G::Thread
get_priority() constXfc::G::Thread
init(GThreadFunctions *vtable=0)Xfc::G::Thread [static]
is_joinable() constXfc::G::Thread
self()Xfc::G::Thread [static]
set_priority(ThreadPriority priority)Xfc::G::Thread
supported()Xfc::G::Thread [static]
ThreadSlot typedefXfc::G::Thread
yield()Xfc::G::Thread [static]
Xfce Foundation Classes

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