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Xfc::G::TypeInterface Class Reference

Abstract base class for GTK+ interfaces. More...

#include <xfc/glib/type.hh>

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Detailed Description

Abstract base class for GTK+ interfaces.

Member Function Documentation

static bool Xfc::G::TypeInterface::is_interface ( GType  type  )  [static, protected]

Determines whether type is an interface type.

type A GType value.
Interface types are types that provide pure APIs, the implementation of which is provided by another type (which is then said to conform to the interface). GLib interfaces are somewhat analogous to Java interfaces and C++ classes containing only pure virtual functions, with the difference that GType interfaces are not derivable.

GTypeInterface* Xfc::G::TypeInterface::g_type_interface ( GType  type  )  const

Get a pointer to the GTypeInterface structure for type.

type The interface type to get.
A GTypeInterface pointer.

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