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Xfc::Gdk::EventExpose Class Reference

A GdkEventExpose C++ wrapper class. More...

#include <xfc/gdk/events.hh>

Inheritance diagram for Xfc::Gdk::EventExpose:

Xfc::Gdk::EventAny Xfc::Gdk::Event Xfc::G::Boxed Xfc::Object Xfc::Trackable List of all members.

Public Member Functions


Detailed Description

A GdkEventExpose C++ wrapper class.

An EventExpose is generated when all or part of a window becomes visible and needs to be redrawn.

The event type is EXPOSE.

Member Function Documentation

int Xfc::Gdk::EventExpose::count (  )  const

Returns the number of contiguous EXPOSE events following this one.

The only use for this is "exposure compression", i.e. handling all contiguous EXPOSE events in one go, though GDK performs some exposure compression so this is not normally needed.

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