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Xfc::Gtk::CellEditable Class Reference

A GtkCellEditable C++ wrapper class. More...

#include <xfc/gtk/celleditable.hh>

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Detailed Description

A GtkCellEditable C++ wrapper class.

CellEditable is an abstract interface that Entry implements through multiple inheritance. CellRenderer returns a smart pointer to a CellEditable when you call CellRenderer::start_editing(). Using this pointer, you can monitor the editing process by connecting to either its editing_done_signal or remove_widget_signal.

Member Function Documentation

void Xfc::Gtk::CellEditable::start_editing ( const Gdk::Event event  ) 

Begins editing on a cell_editable.

event A Gdk::Event, or null.
The event is the Gdk::Event that began the editing process. It may be null, in the instance that editing was initiated through programatic means.

void Xfc::Gtk::CellEditable::editing_done (  ) 

Emits the "editing_done" signal.

This signal is a sign for the cell renderer to update it's value from the cell.

void Xfc::Gtk::CellEditable::remove_widget (  ) 

Emits the "remove_widget" signal.

This signal is meant to indicate that the cell is finished editing, and the editable widget may now be destroyed.

Member Data Documentation

const EditingDoneSignalType Xfc::Gtk::CellEditable::editing_done_signal [static, protected]

Editing done signal (see signal_editing_done()).

Calls a slot with the signature:

< void function();

const RemoveWidgetSignalType Xfc::Gtk::CellEditable::remove_widget_signal [static, protected]

Remove widget signal (see signal_remove_widget()).

Calls a slot with the signature:

< void function();

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