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Xfc::Gtk::Stock Class Reference

A C++ wrapper class for various stock methods. More...

#include <xfc/gtk/stock.hh>

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A C++ wrapper class for various stock methods.

Stock is a convenience class that wraps the miscellaneous GTK+ stock functions.

Member Function Documentation

static void Xfc::Gtk::Stock::add ( const StockItem item  )  [static]

Registers a stock item.

item The stock item to register.
If the item already exists with the same stock ID as one of the items, the old item gets replaced.

static bool Xfc::Gtk::Stock::lookup ( const StockId stock_id,
StockItem item 
) [static]

Fills item with the registered values for stock_id, returning true if stock_id was known.

stock_id The stock id for the stock item.
item A stock item to initialize with values.
true if item was initialized.

static std::vector<StockId> Xfc::Gtk::Stock::list_ids (  )  [static]

Retrieves a list of all known stock IDs added to an IconFactory or registered with add().

A vector of StockId that holds the list of known stock IDs.

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