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Xfc::Gtk::TextAppearance Class Reference

A GtkTextAppearance C++ wrapper class. More...

#include <xfc/gtk/texttag.hh>

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Detailed Description

A GtkTextAppearance C++ wrapper class.

TextAppearance is used to describe the attributes of the some text. You can get the text appearance attributes by calling Gtk::TextAttributes::appearance().

Member Function Documentation

void Xfc::Gtk::TextAppearance::set_colors ( const Gdk::Color fg_color,
const Gdk::Color bg_color 

Set the text foreground and background colors.

fg_color The foreground color.
bg_color The background color.

void Xfc::Gtk::TextAppearance::set_bg_color ( const Gdk::Color color  ) 

Set the text background color.

color The background color.

void Xfc::Gtk::TextAppearance::set_fg_color ( const Gdk::Color color  ) 

Set the text foreground color.

color The foreground color.

void Xfc::Gtk::TextAppearance::set_stipple ( const Gdk::Bitmap fg_mask,
const Gdk::Bitmap bg_mask 

Set the text foreground and background stipple bitmaps.

fg_mask The foreground bitmap.
bg_mask The background bitmap.

void Xfc::Gtk::TextAppearance::set_bg_stipple ( const Gdk::Bitmap mask  ) 

Set the text background stipple bitmap.

mask The background bitmap.

void Xfc::Gtk::TextAppearance::set_fg_stipple ( const Gdk::Bitmap mask  ) 

Set the text foreground stipple bitmap.

mask The foreground bitmap.

void Xfc::Gtk::TextAppearance::set_rise ( int  rise  ) 

Sets the super/subscript rise.

rise The rise, can be negative.

void Xfc::Gtk::TextAppearance::set_underline ( Pango::Underline  underline  ) 

Sets the Pango::Underline type.

underline One of the values from the Pango::Underline enumeration.

void Xfc::Gtk::TextAppearance::set_strikethrough ( bool  setting  ) 

Sets whether the text should have strike through enabled.

setting true to enable strike through.

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