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Xfc::Gtk::TreeDragDest Class Reference

A GtkTreeDragDest C++ wrapper class. More...

#include <xfc/gtk/treednd.hh>

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Detailed Description

A GtkTreeDragDest C++ wrapper class.

GTK+ supports Drag-and-Drop in tree views with a high-level and a low-level API.

The low-level API consists of the GTK+ DND API, augmented by some treeview utility functions: Gtk::TreeView::set_drag_dest_row(), Gtk::TreeView::get_drag_dest_row(), Gtk::TreeView::get_dest_row_at_pos() and Gtk::TreeView::create_row_drag_icon(). This API leaves a lot of flexibility, but nothing is done automatically, and implementing advanced features like hover-to-open-rows or autoscrolling on top of this API is a lot of work.

On the other hand, if you write to the high-level TreeDragSource and TreeDragDest API, then all the bookkeeping of rows is done for you, as well as things like hover-to-open and auto-scroll. The TreeDragSource interface is implemented by Gtk::TreeModelSort, Gtk::TreeStore, Gtk::ListStore and Gtk::TreeModelFilter. The TreeDragDest interface is implemented by Gtk::TreeStore and Gtk::ListStore.

Member Function Documentation

bool Xfc::Gtk::TreeDragDest::row_drop_possible ( const TreePath dest_path,
const SelectionData selection_data 
) const

Determines whether a drop is possible before the given dest_path, at the same depth as dest_path, that is, can we drop the data in selection_data at that location.

dest_path The destination row.
selection_data The data being dragged.
true if a drop is possible before dest_path.
Note, dest_path doesn't have to exist but the return value will almost certainly be false if the parent of dest_path doesn't exist, though.

bool Xfc::Gtk::TreeDragDest::drag_data_received ( const TreePath dest,
const SelectionData selection_data 

Asks the TreeDragDest to insert a row before the path dest, deriving the contents of the row from selection_data.

dest The row to drop in front of.
selection_data The data to drop.
Whether a new row was created before position dest.
If dest is outside the tree so that inserting before it is impossible, false will be returned. Also, false may be returned if the new row is not created for some model-specific reason. Should robustly handle a dest no longer found in the model!

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