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Xfc::Gtk::TreeDragSource Class Reference

A GtkTreeDragSource C++ wrapper class. More...

#include <xfc/gtk/treednd.hh>

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Detailed Description

A GtkTreeDragSource C++ wrapper class.

GTK+ supports Drag-and-Drop in tree views with a high-level and a low-level API.

The low-level API consists of the GTK+ DND API, augmented by some treeview utility functions: Gtk::TreeView::set_drag_dest_row(), Gtk::TreeView::get_drag_dest_row(), Gtk::TreeView::get_dest_row_at_pos() and Gtk::TreeView::create_row_drag_icon(). This API leaves a lot of flexibility, but nothing is done automatically, and implementing advanced features like hover-to-open-rows or autoscrolling on top of this API is a lot of work.

On the other hand, if you write to the high-level TreeDragSource and TreeDragDest API, then all the bookkeeping of rows is done for you, as well as things like hover-to-open and auto-scroll. The TreeDragSource interface is implemented by Gtk::TreeModelSort, Gtk::TreeStore, Gtk::ListStore and Gtk::TreeModelFilter. The TreeDragDest interface is implemented by Gtk::TreeStore and Gtk::ListStore.

Member Function Documentation

bool Xfc::Gtk::TreeDragSource::row_draggable ( const TreePath path  )  const

Determines whether a particular row can be used as the source of a DND operation.

path The row on which user is initiating a drag.
true if the row can be dragged.
If the source doesn't implement this interface, the row is assumed draggable.

bool Xfc::Gtk::TreeDragSource::drag_data_delete ( TreePath path  ) 

Asks the TreeDragSource to delete the row at path, because it was moved somewhere else via drag-and-drop.

path The row that was being dragged.
true if the row was successfully deleted.
Returns false if the deletion fails because path no longer exists, or for some model-specific reason. Should robustly handle a path no longer found in the model!

bool Xfc::Gtk::TreeDragSource::drag_data_get ( const TreePath path,
SelectionData selection_data 

Asks the TreeDragSource to fill in selection_data with a representation of the row at path.

path The row that was dragged.
selection_data A Gtk::SelectionData to fill with data from the dragged row
true if data of the required type was provided.
Note, selection_data->get_target() gives the required type of the data. Should robustly handle a path no longer found in the model!

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