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Xfc::Pango::Item Class Reference

A PangoItem C++ wrapper class. More...

#include <xfc/pango/item.hh>

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Public Member Functions


Detailed Description

A PangoItem C++ wrapper class.

Item is an object that stores information about a segment of text. You can obtain an Item by calling Pango::Context::itemize() which returns a vector of Pointer<Item>.

Note: dynamically allocated objects must either be unreferenced or assigned to a smart pointer. Stack objects are automatically unreferenced when they go out of scope.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Xfc::Pango::Item::Item (  ) 

Construct a new item initialized to default values.

The Item is created with a reference count of 1 that the caller owns.

Xfc::Pango::Item::Item ( PangoItem *  item,
bool  copy 
) [explicit]

Construct a new item from an existing PangoItem.

item A pointer to a PangoItem.
copy Whether the Item object should make a copy of PangoItem or not.
The item can be a newly created PangoItem or an existing PangoItem. If copy is true Item will make a copy of PangoItem. If copy is false Item wont make a copy but instead takes over the ownership of PangoItem. Either way, the destructor will free the PangoItem when the Item object is destroyed.

The Item is created with a reference count of 1 that the caller owns.

Xfc::Pango::Item::Item ( const Item src  ) 

Copy constructor.

src The source Item.

Member Function Documentation

Item& Xfc::Pango::Item::operator= ( const Item src  ) 

Assignment operator.

src The source Item.

Pointer<Item> Xfc::Pango::Item::split ( int  split_index,
int  split_offset 

Modifies the item to cover only the text after split_index, and returns a new item that covers the text before split_index that used to be in the item.

split_index The byte index at the position to split the item, relative to the start of the item.
split_offset The number of characters between the start of the item and split_index.
A smart pointer to a new item representing the text before split_index.
You can think of split_index as the length of the returned item. split_index may not be 0, and it may not be greater than or equal to the length this item before the split (that is, there must be at least one byte assigned to each item, you can't create a zero-length item). split_offset is the length chars of the first (returned) item, and must be provided because the text used to generate the item isn't available, so split() can't count the character length of the split items itself.

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