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layout.hh File Reference

A PangoLayout C++ wrapper interface. More...

#include <xfc/pango/attributes.hh>
#include <xfc/pango/context.hh>
#include <xfc/pango/item.hh>
#include <xfc/pango/tabs.hh>
#include <pango/pango-layout.h>
#include <utility>
#include <xfc/pango/inline/layout.inl>




Detailed Description

A PangoLayout C++ wrapper interface.

While complete access to the layout capabilities of Pango is provided using the detailed interfaces for itemization and shaping, using that functionality directly involves writing a fairly large amount of code. The objects and functions in this file provide a high-level driver for formatting entire paragraphs of text at once. Xfce Foundation Classes

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