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property.hh File Reference

GObject properties C++ interface. More...

#include <xfc/glib/value.hh>


Detailed Description

GObject properties C++ interface.

The property classes declared in this file are used by XFC to wrap the GObject property system. Properties are object specific. For each property, a class declares a protected static property that requires an object pointer and a class specific public accessor function that passes the object pointer for you. Most properties are readable and writable, but some one or the other. You can tell if a property is readable and/or writable by its protected declaration. To set a property you use its set() method. To get a property use its get method. It is unlikely you will ever need to use these property classes yourself, unless your wrapping a new GTK+ C object. Usually you will use those properties already implemented by XFC. Setting and getting object properties is discussed in the Header Files section of the tutorial Introduction. Xfce Foundation Classes

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