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The Standard C++ Library

If you need help with the GNU Standard C++ Library you will find its documentation online here.

The GTK+ toolkit

Here you will find the GTK+ home page with lots of information about the GTK+ toolkit and links to several other related projects. If you need help on using GTK+ or just want to keep track of the latest GTK+ developments there are mailing lists you can subscribe to.

The Libsigc++ library

Apart from Glib/GTK+, the libsigc++ library is the only other external dependancy. If you need to know more about this library have a look at the libsigc++  home page. You can download the latest libsigc++ source code from here.
Libsigc++ is available on just about all flavors of Linux; if you want a pre-built binary check the repositories for your distribution.

Need some help with your C++ programming...

  • Want some tips from the C++ master. You will find Bjarne Stroustrup's web page here.
  • The C++ FAQ lite gives you specific advice to help you properly use C++ for object oriented programming.
  • C++ Tips and Tricks contains helpful information gathered from internet news groups, various books and magazines.
  • You will some answers to common C++ design questions here.
  • Need some help with generic programming. Have a look at these template tips.
  • If you want to fine tune your C++ programming skills the DevX C++ site has an archive of useful C++ tips, and is regularly updated.

HTML programming...

  • Trying to build a great web site. HTML Goodies has lots of practical examples that show you how to add some great features to you web pages, like changing images on mouse over or displaying transparent images.
  • CSS from the ground up is a well designed tutorial that shows you how easy it is write web pages that use Cascading Style Sheets.

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