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Apr 9, 2012: Bo is still at it

Infact he's been running the shop almost singlehandedly so Tim O'Neil, a lone gun OSS developer from California, has offered to help out. Tim been updating the documentation here and there and generally spiffifying the place up a bit. Although the news has been sparse for the last 6 years we we have some new blood, expect some new releases and version updates in the coming months.

Apr 19, 2007: XFC got new maintainer and a 4.3.2 release

Until Jeff returnes Bo Lorentsen will try his best to take care of this project. The project has got a few bug fixes and has bindings to gtksouceview too.

May 30, 2005:  XFC 4.3.1 released...

Today the second  development release of the Xfce Foundation Classes, version 4.3.1, was made available for download. Although this is the second release in the 4.3.x series, the source code is essentially stable. This release adds libXFCglade, a Glade module that lets the user use a Glade XML description file (.glade) to create a XFC application's user interface.

March 23, 2005:  CVS updated to support GTK+ 2.6...

The CVS has been updated to support GTK+ 2.6. This means that XFC now has the following minimum requirements: GLib 2.6.0, ATK 1.9.0, GTK 2.6.0 and Pango 1.8.0. All the new GTK+ 2.6 modules and widgets have been added. As soon as the new demo modules, examples and tests programs are finished XFC 4.3.1 will be released.

March 3, 2005:  XFC website now online...

Finally after many months, the integration of the GTK+ Foundation Classes into the Xfce project is now complete. Along with the first development release yesterday, the XFC website is now online. The website has all the usual information that you would expect to find online, as well as a complete history of the project and full reference documentation.

March 2, 2005:  XFC 4.3.0 released...

Today the first development release of the Xfce Foundation Classes, version 4.3.0, was made available for download. Although this is the first release in the 4.3.x series, the source code is essentially stable. The current source tree has been in development  since April 2004 but under its previous name: GTK+ Foundation Classes. Now an integral part of the Xfce project, the Xfce Foundation Classes 4.3.x series will eventually lead to the 4.4 stable release, when Xfce 4.4 is released. This is tentatively planned for the last quarter of 2005.

Although aimed at Xfce application development, the Xfce Foundation Classes is primarily a C++ language binding for GTK+ so it can be used to develop standard GTK+ applications.

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